60 Day Transformation Challenge


What is up everybody! Welcome to my 60 Day Transformation Challenge. My goal is to inspire others and to urge them to be the best versions of themselves, whether that be in or out of the gym. I want you to set the standard. 

The goal of this challenge is to push you both mentally and physically. To get you out of your comfort zone and to take control of your life. Whether that be weight loss, body composition change, building muscle, or competing in a show. This is for all people – male, female, out of shape, in shape, experienced, in-experienced, you name it – this challenge is for you!

Show me want you're made of and what you're capable to your own self! I want to offer the chance to train with me as a thank you to all of you for all your support and to use it as an incentive to make you put forth that much more effort.

I'm giving away the following prizes to the top 2 transformations, plus a prize to the person who may not have the best transformation, but is the most shredded!


3 Overall Winners

1st Place Prize – $5,000, Hang and Train With Me (All-Inclusive – Flight and Hotel Included), and Supplement Prize Pack

2nd Place Prize – $2,500

3rd Place Award – Bum Gift Box (Year Supply of Thavage Pre Workout & Bum Energy)

You will be completing this challenge on your own, but I've got something to help you guys along the way. When signing up for the competition ($50 entry fee), you'll be able to download my 60 day transformation guide on how to calculate your own calories and macros, cardio and supplement recommendations, and other tips and tricks to help you during the challenge. This will be provided to you upon checkout. You will be REQUIRED to sign up for my training app at app.cbumfitness.com or on the Apple Store/Google Play Store depending on if you have an iPhone or Android, for your workout plan to be eligible to win prizes. You will have the option on the app to decide which training split you'd like to use. My current split is the Olympia Prep split and it's updated daily if you'd like to follow along. If you're already signed up for the app, you are accounted for and only need to pay the $50 contest fee.

To make sure there is no bias in the final decision, myself, and the rest of the Raw Team will be looking at all the transformations to decide who will win first place, second place and third place awards. Iain is a little more critical than most, so you best be on your game for this challenge!

Rules and Regulations

1. Set The Damn Standard Both In And Out Of The Gym
2. Eat, Train, Sleep Repeat
3. Do Your Cardio
4. Lift Heavy Shit
5. See #1

Start and End Dates

Sign up Period: May 29 through June 11

* Use the signup period to calculate your maintenance calories to make sure they're right and you're ready to go for the start of the competition.

Start Date: Monday, June 12

End of Competition – Friday, August 11

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at cbumfitness@gmail.com!

All photo submissions (Day 1 and Day 60) are to be submitted on the cbum fitness app under your profile page. Please refer to the guide to see how to submit. 

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